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Each culture and religious faith defines a funeral a little differently. At Bailey’s funeral home we believe that each funeral is as individual as the person who has died, and so there are many different options available to you. Whatever your preference we will work with you to deliver a service that reflects the personality and beliefs of the departed. Although these are some of the basic types of services offered, individual needs and requests are usually incorporated into the service to make it a truly personal experience.

What We Do

Traditional Funeral services

A traditional burial is still a common option for many people. This type of funeral includes a service at the funeral home, chapel or church with the casketed remains present. This service is typically followed by a procession to the cemetery or place of internment. Traditional funeral services are usually public but can also be private.

What We Do

Graveside SERVICES

This type of burial service is held at the graveside in the cemetery of choice. The service is conducted in its entirety at the graveside with the casketed remains present and to be immediately followed by internment.

What We Do

Memorial Services

Memorial services assume the body and casket are not present although an urn may be. The funeral service itself is conducted similarly to that of the traditional service. There is no time limit as to when a Memorial Service is held as the Burial or Cremation would have taken place already.

What We Do

Cremation SERVICES

Cremation funeral services can include any or all of the elements of a traditional burial including visitation, wake, and church services, either before the cremation or with just the cremated remains present, and even burial of the cremated remains in a cemetery.

A common misconception about cremation is that it prevents you from having a traditional funeral. In fact, cremation presents several options.

Funeral with or without viewing, cremation to be held after.
Memorial service at a chosen venue (church, funeral home, chapel) followed by interment of the ashes.
Finally, there are also options surrounding the final disposition

What We Do

Non-commemorative Funerals

Also known as “direct” dispositions, non-commemorative funerals are when the deceased is buried, cremated, or donated to medical science without any formal service to remember the life that has passed.