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Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them. One such opportunity is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices they made, the relationship you shared and honours the memory of your loved one.
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The staff of Bailey’s Funeral Home takes this concept seriously – a funeral is a time to honour the life of the deceased and celebrate the heritage of their family. We strive to make each funeral a respectful, fulfilling experience that meets the unique needs of each family.
We are available around the clock—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—to discuss your needs. Whether you are doing pre-planning or need to hold a service soon, we are ready to answer our phone and offer you warm, friendly, and empathetic service.
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Funeral Services

Our helpful staff is available 24/7 to help answer questions and provide guidance throughout the process...

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Cremation Services

We work with families to ensure cremation services that are in line with their beliefs, values, and wishes.

Bailey Funeral Home Funeral Arrangements

Pre Planning

Do not burden your loved ones with funeral decisions during their time of mourning and remembrance..

Bailey's Funeral Home Hearse

Safe Transportation

Our professional staff will pick up your loved one at your residence, hospital, or hospice care and transport them with care..

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Funeral Flower

Funeral flower arrangements are a beautiful way to farewell a loved one. Select the right floral tribute to honour your loved during their funeral service.

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Caskets and Coffins

We offer a wide selection of caskets and coffins for sale in different materials and finishes, suitable for all types of budgets and styles..

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We guide you through the process each step of the way

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We Collect

We bring your loved one into our care from their place of passing.

We Arrange

Together, we will go through the styles of services we offer and provide guidance on how best to recognise and celebrate the life lived.
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We Send Off

We create the kind of mood that families request—while ensuring that, regardless of the particulars, each burial service is intimate, affirming, and beautiful.
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