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Burial Society Membership

Join today and protect you and your family from inflation and ensure your expenses will be covered when you need them to be..

Getting Started What You Need To Know About Your Burial Society

Bailey’s Funeral Home burial society is a specially designed plan, whose eligible members receive $3000.00 benefit towards their funeral expenses.
This benefit gives members peace of mind knowing that their family would have some financial assistance when the time comes.
Bailey’s Funeral Home society also provides other benefits which no other society offers, such as:

FREE Registration –
Immediate qualification – No waiting period, members immediately qualify upon payment of first monthly premium for funeral benefits of $3000.00.
No medical certification from a doctor is necessary for persons within the age limit.

Members pay $20.00 monthly; this entitles them to a benefit of $3000.00 towards their funeral expenses.
If a member contributes more than $3000.00 to the plan, the total amount of their contribution will be applied.
It is our policy however that any lapse in payments is subject to penalties as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Becoming a member is simple. To be eligible to join, interested persons must satisfy the following requirements:

Must be less than 70 years, and in good medical health
NB. Persons older than 70 years may be granted membership but only on the approval of the Board of Directors.
Must complete and sign the society’s registration form as proof of your agreement to the terms and conditions contained therein.
Must provide proof of valid Identification.
Must pay the first month’s premium of $20.00.
Registration can be conducted at our main office on the Carenage, St. George’s or at any one of our agents island-wide. (See the list of agents).

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Bailey's Funeral Home Burial SocietyBAILEY'S FUNERAL HOME BURIAL SOCIETY

The Carenage, St. George’s, Grenada W.I.
Phone:+ 1 (473) 440-2558 Fax:+ 1 (473) 440-0532




1. Members should be in good medical health at the time of joining.
2. Membership is FREE but you must at least pay your first-month premium to qualify for immediate benefits.
3. Members are allowed to pay monthly premiums in advance and in excess of the $3000.00 benefit.
4. The total accumulated payment made on a member’s account, when in excess of the society benefit of $3000.00, will be applied in full to their invoice.
5. In instances where members default on the payment of their monthly premiums for a period of less than the last three months, the relatives are given the opportunity to pay the outstanding sum in order for the deceased member to qualify for and receive the benefits due.
6. In instances where members default on the payment of their monthly premiums for a period of more than three months but less than a year, they will not be eligible for the benefit but granted full reimbursement of the sum paid.
7. Any default on the payment of the monthly premium in excess of a year will result in forfeiture of benefits but 75% of the sum paid will be reimbursed.
8. Members do not earn interest on the funds paid into the burial society and will only be refunded the amount paid.
9. Members would be provided with, and if they are not, should demand a receipt for their payment.
10. Membership is not transferrable.
11. Members whose death occur overseas and have not been repatriated to Grenada would not be eligible for the benefit.
12. Persons can only join society once.
13. Should a member decide to cancel his membership in the burial society, Bailey's Funeral Home will not be obligated to refund any monies

By submitting this signed form with the first monthly premium I am agreeing to abide by and adhere to the terms and conditions of the burial society of which I am now a member.